Our healthy cooking classes show you how to cook delicious meals with a healthy twist. Classes include instruction on the principles of a healthy diet as well as the opportunity to prepare and eat meals designed with good living in mind. Classes are monthly and cost $5. Sign up at Membership Services.


Led by Phil Little, a tenth degree black belt, and his black belt instructors. Little provides traditional style, self-defense, mixed martial art, Ju-jitsu and ground fighting. Karate takes place Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-7:30 p.m. and 7:30-9:00 the Activity Room.

Classes are available to participants 6 years old and up. This is a fee based program.


For questions, contact Phil Little at (864) 221-4000.


You deserve to feel good! Massage Therapy helps you stay healthy. We offer various types of massages, with your choice of masseuse.

Swedish massage uses long superficial strokes that soothes the body and promotes maximum relaxation.

Hot Stone uses same principles as Swedish massage, but this time a basalt stone is incorporated to produce heat, giving the client a heat treatment and massage all at the same time.

To make an appointment, please call the masseuse directly.  Gift certificates and special holiday packages available! Once your appointment has been scheduled, you can pay at the time of the massage, or you can pay online

Jodi Bowen

(864) 934-6048

Jim Ross

(864) 940-5762

1 hour – $65.00
1/2 hour – $35.00


We offer a wide range of classes for beginners to advanced exercisers. All classes are taught by YMCA or nationally certified group exercise instructors. Classes are available for beginners, seniors, advanced and experienced participants – and everything in between! Please see below for a schedule of classes and their descriptions.



Use our Personal Trainers for:

Post Rehab Training for people who have completed physical therapy and are interested in achieving the next level of strength, health and fitness.

Sport Specific Training focuses on performance enhancement and injury prevention.  Scheduled on an individual basis and based on your specific needs and goals.

Partner or Small Group Personal Training for those who want to work out with a friend and still receive individualized attention and achieve results.  Stay committed and save money while working out with a friend.

One on One A nationally certified personal trainer will design an individual fitness plan geared to your specific needs.  Each 60 or 30 minute session includes the latest training techniques to maximize your results and motivate you to reach your goals.

Individual Training:  30 min sessions

4-sessions of training        $95
8-sessions of training      $180
12-sessions of training    $255
24-sessions of training    $450

Individual Training:  1 hour sessions

4-sessions of training       $155
8-sessions of training       $295
12-sessions of training     $420
24-sessions of training     $790


New to Personal Training? Click here for our Jump Start Personal Training rates for Members


Get Fit Together! Grab a workout partner or a group and we will work with you to schedule a time that meets your needs. Partner and Small Group Training not only saves you money but also provides a supportive, energetic, atmosphere to help you achieve your goals. Workouts will be designed based on both partners or your groups needs.

Partner Training Rates: (Must include 2 members who workout at the same time with the same trainer.  Must be 1 hour sessions)

4-sessions     $115/person
8-sessions     $220/person
12-sessions   $300/person
24-sessions   $560/person

Small Group Training Rates: (Must include 3-5 members who workout at the same time with the same trainer.  Must be 1 hour sessions)
4-sessions     $80/person
8-sessions     $150/person
12-sessions   $215/person
24-sessions   $380/person


Click here for information and rates for our Partner and Small Group Training Special February 20-26, 2017.




The Anderson Area YMCA is now offering training sessions focused on the development and improvement of skills related to athletic performance. These sessions are for youth and teens and can be provided on an individual, small group, or team basis. Sessions are designed to improve speed, agility, quickness, and strength to improve performance in any sport. Click here for Sports Conditioning Information


Our Active Older Adult programs provide a chance for interaction with other members while keeping your spirit, mind and body healthy. We offer a variety of programs that will keep you going strong daily.


Pickleball is a fun game that is played on a badminton court with the net lowered to 34 inches at the center. It is played with a perforated plastic baseball (similar to a whiffle ball) and wood paddle. Pickleball is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced competitive game for experienced players. Pick up Pickleball is held in the gymnasium Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:30am-11:30am. Starting in January 2017, a Pickleball Introduction Class will be offered the first Tuesday of every month at 9:30am. Must sign up for the Introduction Class by Noon the first Monday of the month at the Front Desk.


Every Monday of the month from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Come anytime!


A low-intensity aerobics class that is perfect for active older adults and people looking for a basic class. Includes hand-held weights and flexibility.


A gentle form of yoga using a variety of equipment for assistance in the different postures.


Held monthly at noon, local businesses discuss relevant issues, as well as provide a lunch! Reserve your seat at the Front Desk.


Have fun and move to the music through a wide variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.


Combine fun and fitness to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power with a standing circuit workout. Upper body strength work with hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball is alternated with non-impact aerobic choreography. A chair is offered for support, stretching and relaxation exercises.


Come and join us for this Latin inspired dance fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music for the active older adult. Class meets in Studio 2 on Tuesdays at 9am.


Move it or Lose it is led by an occupational therapist and personal trainer designed to empower people with Parkinson’s disease to optimize their physical function. Research in the area of Parkinson’s disease indicates that exercise has shown to improve self-confidence and independence, decrease the risk of falls, minimize fatigue, reduce rigidity and improve mobility. The Parkinson’s exercise program is geared specifically to counteract the movement challenges experienced by people with Parkinson’s. Classes are ongoing and participants may join at any time.  Free to Y members and $3 per class for nonmembers.  Classes are from 1-1:45pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Here at the Y, we are want to help everyone be the best they can be – including having the best health. The Diabetes Prevention Program is for prediabetic patients, who would like to take steps to pull them out of the prediabetic range. Through our program, we give you a safe space to learn, make new friends, and work as a group to trade old habits for healthier new ones.  2017 classes starting in January and February.

Contact Wally Weathers at for more information!


To participate in the program, you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • Overweight (BMI greater than or equal to 25) and
    • diagnosed with prediabetes via one of three blood tests or a previous diagnosis of gestational diabetes
    • If you don’t have a blood test, you must have a qualifying risk score

Take our risk score assessment below to see if you qualify for the Diabetes Prevention Program:


Moving for Better Balance is a 12-week, evidence-based, instructor-led group program designed to help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility through the slow and therapeutic movements of Tai Chi. This is offered with the goal of allowing our senior members to maintain their independence and aid with fall prevention. For more information about our program, please click here for a brochure.


As a certified TRX facility, we offer various classes throughout the week! TRX Suspension Training improves strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. The Suspension trainer uses functional movements and dynamic positions, which develops core strength and is integrated into each back, chest, hip and leg exercise. This training leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to perform hundreds of exercises for every sport and/or fitness goal.

$8 Drop-in (if spots are available)
$15 for 4 sessions per month
$30 Month unlimited
Month Unlimited for a family of 2 or more- $50


TRX Training is great for kids to improve balance, core strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance. Suspension training helps reduce the risk of injury to kids who participate in sports and other activities.

Class Times:
Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00pm-4:45pm
Class limited to the first 24 to sign up and register.


Click here for details.


Suspension training geared for older adults to focus on fitness and rehabilitation. This 45 minute class will target muscular strength, core stability, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Classes meet at 10:40am every Monday, and are limited to 20 participants. A $15 fee applies.



CrossFit is a worldwide strength and conditioning fitness program designed for all ages. The CrossFit program is designed with universal scalability, making this the ideal exercise program for anyone, regardless of age or experience! Whether your goal are weight loss, gaining muscle or increasing endurance, all is attainable if you commit to CrossFit.

The daily workouts include a mixture of cardiovascular and respiratory endurance based exercises. Benefits of this type of training include: increased stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. You attain these goals using a wide variety of exercises, including running, rowing, plyometrics, gymnastics, weight training and Olympic weightlifting techniques.

Sessions last 1 hour with a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.

Cost Per Month: (member only)
Drop-in Rate: $8
8 sessions per month: $30
Month unlimited: $40
Month Unlimited for a family of 2 or more- $70

Eight session and unlimited options both include Open Gym at no extra cost!


Required before taking CrossFit. CrossFit 101 is designed to introduce the methodologies and movements of CrossFit. Classes will feature technical instruction and a CrossFit style workout. Completion of CrossFit 101 entitles individuals to participation in CrossFit.

(If you have prior experience with CrossFit, please contact Chad Alewine (716-6281) to set up an appointment to meet with a CrossFit trainer to be cleared)


CrossTrain Kids is a specialized work out regime designed especially for youth. If focuses on fuctional movements and structured workouts led by a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. In group classes, kids will learn about proper strength and conditioning while also having fun and gaining new friends.

Click here for more information.



STRIVE for Youth Fitness!!!!!!  Improve the health and well being of your family!!!!

The continuous circuit training is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12.  The perfect combination of games  and resistance Training.  The ultimate solution for youth fitness.  Parents enjoy your workout ( 2 hr limit) while your kids have fun too!